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A few things Amsoil has you cover for…

Whether you’re looking for synthetic oil for your family vehicle, buisness vehicles, motorcycle, or your diesel, Amsoil HAS your oil…

Oils to help keep your personal vehicle running

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Oils to keep your busiess running

Oils all motorcycles: twins, metric, & dirt bikes

Oils for all diesel vehicles

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About Dean Lonskey & Raven Synthetics

My name is Dean Lonskey and I’m an avid motorcycle rider who has been riding motorcycles (street & dirt) for over 40 years (started in 1970!). I’m also the photographer for Superbike-coach Corp, a motorcycle rider training school run by Coach Can Akkaya, so when I say I’m an avid motorcycle rider I’m serious. I first learned about Amsoil back when they were sponsors of their supercross/motocross racing teams and then from my father who’s been using Amsoil oil in his motorcycle longer than me…I’ve been using Amsoil oil in my motorcycles since 2011 and have never had a failure (I’m now using it in my 2015 Chevy Silverado as well). What I really love about their oils is how far you can go between oil changes. I’ve come to realize they also help keep your motor running smoother. I’ve been thinking of becoming an independent dealer for some time now but haven’t had the chance until now and I’ve created this website, RAVEN SYNTHETICS, to become an authorized independent Amsoil dealer to sell Amsoil oil and their other products. If you’ve found my website then you must be interested.

Because of my passion for motorcycles, Raven Synthetics specializes in motorcycle oils, however, Amsoil is also known for and carries oils and other products for cars, trucks, SUVs, PWCs, Heavy Duty trucks, and just about anything with an engine. Amsoil also offers FREE SHIPPING for orders $100 or more! How cool is that! Check them out and give Amsoil a try, you won’t be disappointed…myself and my family haven’t been.

Raven Synthetics together with Superbike-coach

Superbike-coach Corp…click here or Superbike-Coach logo above

Amsoil is a TOP-NOTCH synthetic oil. Coach Can Akkaya and his Superbike-coach rider training school is a TOP-NOTCH school. So it makes since that Raven Synthetics & Amsoil sponsor Superbike-coach for 2020. Coach Can started racing in 1985 on the European tracks, and even became German Track Trophy Vice-Champion 1991. He retired from professional racing in 1995 and from 2006 to 2008 Coach Can was the leading instructor of Germany’s first racing school, and it was his passion. His students got both theory and practice all over Europe. In November 2008 Can immigrated to the United States and has been living with his loving family in California. In 2009 “Coach”, as his students foundly call him, founded the Superbike-Coach Corp. Personally, I’ve been working with Coach Can as his photographer since 2014, seeing all sorts of riders and skill levels…ALL of them benefiting from Coach’s experience and knowledge. As an avid motorcycle rider myself, both dirt & street…casual and racing (desert & motorcross), I know far too well that techniques used in motorcycle racing (all forms), transfers directly into street riding. When I joined Amsoil in 2018 and started Raven Synthetics, my hope was to be able to bring both Amsoil & Superbike-coach together and help his students reep the benefits of Amsoil oils. For anyone looking to learn how to ride a motorcycle or increase their knowledge and riding ability, I’d highly recommend taking his classes. He is TRUELY passionate about what he does and Superbike-coach isn’t just a riding school…it’s a FAMILY. To coin the phrase used for Evel Knievel…VIVA SUPERBIKE-COACH!

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Superbike-coach Corp

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Superbike-coach Track Academy/CSD-4 (3-13-21) & Body Position Class (3-14-31)

This past weekend March 13th & 14th, the Superbike-coach team of Coach Can Akkaya, Marion, Mark, Wayne, Tracy, and myself Dean “the Photog” had a pretty busy but AWESOME time[…]

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Superbike-coach Corp

Superbike-coach Cornering School Day 3 (2-14-21)

Superbike-coach Cornering School Day 3 is the last class of a 3-day motorcycle rider training program designed and taught by Coach Can Akkaya. This class continues the lessons learned from the previous classes and adds trail braking & “uber” braking (see article for details)

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Superbike-coach Corp

Superbike-coach Cornering School Day 1 (1-17-21)

Superbike-coach, an organization that provides motorcycle rider training, kicks off 2021 with it’s Cornering School Day 1 program.

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