Bruce-tard FINALLY get’s his look upgraded…!!!

Dean Lonskey, Authorized Amsoil Dealer

Bruce-tard FINALLY get’s his look upgraded…!!!

Raven Synthetics/Amsoil/Superbike-coach backed 2007 KTM450 SMR

Well, Bruce FINALLY got his much needed upgraded graphics. The number plates, which were the first stage of his “update” a couple years ago, are from DeCal Works and the radiator shrouds/tank, fenders, swing arm, & air box graphics are from Motocal. I would have gone with the body kits from DeCal Works but I found you were either limited to the sponsor logos they already had or you could add your own but seemed not too user friendly. Also, it doesn’t appear they have designs you can choose from, at least not that I noticed.

The Raven Synthetics/Amsoil/Superbike-coach backed 2007 KTM450 SMR

This is where Motocal comes into play. Motocal has designs you can chose from that are editable and they also have sponsor logos to choose from but you can also upload your own, including PNGs, JPEGs, ect. You have much more control over the creation of your design so you can truly make them your own. However, it does take some time learning just how to do this but it’s well worth it. Another BIG plus is you can save your design as you go and you don’t have a time-frame to finish and purchase your design.

2020 has been a TOUGH year, with this COVID-19 virus and “stay at home” orders, but things are looking up. Just to give you an idea of the difference these graphics made, look at these pics below from a track day I did with Bruce about a week before installing these graphics:

Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to get more updated pics with my leathers and helmet…should be awesome looking. I’d like to thanks Coach Can Akkaya of Superbike-coach for helping me get these installed but for also telling me about Motocal…after all, he got his graphic from them as well for his 2004 KTM450 SMR










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