Superbike-coach 1on2 Street Rider Class…

Dean Lonskey, Authorized Amsoil Dealer

Superbike-coach 1on2 Street Rider Class…

Superbike-coach Corp
Superbike-coach Cornering 1-on-2 Class
Coach Can showing his student the correct line to use…

This past Tuesday, I was able to be part in of individual rider classes…”Superbike-coach 1on2 Street Rider Class at Stockton’s Little 99 GO-kart track. These classes are a little different in that Coach Can can spend more time with an individual student and have more track time. Also, these classes are done to be more specific to the student(s), incorporating aspects of Coach Can’s Cornering School Days 1-3, again, depending on what appears to be needed the most.

Superbike-coach 1-on-2 Street Rider Class
Coach Can handling a much smaller classroom session
Superbike-coach 1-on-2 Street Rider Class

Much like all his Day 1 class, there is an introduction where Coach Can introduces himself, talks about his qualifications, and goes into what he’s expecting. From there, he sends them out on their own and he observes them, taking mental notes to share in the next classroom session and talk about the next drill. Not only does Coach talk and teach during these sessions but it’s also the BEST time to ask questions about what they just did and what Coach is looking for in the next drill.

Superbike-coach 1-on-2 Street Rider Class

On this day, the class went into ideal lines, counter steering, and viewing techniques. Coach started out talking about each corner and how to choose the ideal line. Then, once done, he went out with his two students, following them around but also leading them, having them follow and mimic his line the best they could.

Next step was talking about the proper way to counter steer and putting that into practice. Two things happened here to show just how this works: going around the whole track with only 1 hand (obviously the left hand/arm was off the bike and placed at the side) then, as they’d go down the straight, they’d tuck into a “racing position” then steer left-stop-right”. By being in a “racing stance” this actually causes the student to “counter steer” correctly by “steering” the bike in the opposite direction instead of “pushing down”on the bars like most riders, especially sportbike riders, do. Trust me, it works, and opens your eyes to just HOW quick you can turn…I took part in this drill just to see what the students go through.

Superbike-coach 1-on-2 Street Rider Class
Student practicing the “viewing technique” Coach Can was teaching

The last thing taught was Coach’s viewing technique. In this drill, the task is to concentrate and what is more important but also looking where you want to go. The catch is learning to not look too far ahead, which by doing so, disconnects the rider from the task at hand. Think about it, the further you look ahead, the slower things get, but it can also cause you to “disconnect” yourself from getting through a corner correctly/safely and maybe even miss something. Want to know what I’m talking about here? Simple…sign up for a Superbike-coach Day 1 class and find out for yourself. Since you’re doing that, why not sign up for Days 2 & 3 and complete your training. I’ll make it real easy for you…click here, Superbike-coach Corp, read a little about what they offer, then find your date for the next available Day 1 class and sign up….it’s THAT simple…

See you at the next class….

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  1. Can says:

    I am super happy with these two riders. They will improve even more.

    • It was certainly a great day and we made two more friends as well as “SBC” family. Glad I was able to join in on the fun with Raven….needed to get her out anyways.

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