Superbike-coach is BACK baby…!!!

Dean Lonskey, Authorized Amsoil Dealer

Superbike-coach is BACK baby…!!!

Superbike-coach Corp

Well, it’s been a few months since the last Superbike-coach Cornering School way back on February 23, 2020. As you all know, EVERYONE (businesses and people) were affected by the COVDI-19 virus & Stay-at-Home orders and Superbike-coach wasn’t immuned to this by any means. Their whole schedule had to be revamped with each class moving down the latter to ensure those who had already booked their class still get their class. June 28, 2020 marks the RETURN of SUPERBIKE-COACH!

Coach Can Akkaya taking the necessary steps to be safe for both himself and his student…

With that said, there were also mandates put in place by California Governor Newsom due to the increase virus cases. These included social distancing and the wearing of face coverings to help slow the virus down as more and more businesses start opening and more and more people start socializing. As always, the safety of ALL Superbike-coach students was, and is, the UTMOST PRIORITY. Taking temperatures of ALL students was added, restrooms & benches were wiped down prior to class, hand sanitizer was provided, and extra masks were brought for those who didn’t have one. Coach Can even created a “box” for him to instruct from, and stay in, during classroom sessions.

With all this going on, EVERYONE played their part and it turned into a really AWESOME day! Coach got back into his grove and instructed his students just like he always does. Each part of the class was broken into different sessions so every student could go out and practice, from learning how to pick the best line to go through a corner to learning how put their attention where it needs to be to plan and make a corner to emergency braking (special feature of Day 1….Days 2 & 3 have their own “special feature”).

The day ended up being a little longer than normal due to the changes and steps they had to do, after all this is new territory for them and everyone else, and a couple mishaps, but everyone survived and no one quit…just like the energizer bunny, they all kept going and going and going. For a complete list of the FEATURE PICS, click here

If you ever thought about taking a riding class but couldn’t afford it, are a brand new rider, or even an experienced rider, I’d highly suggest you look into the classes offered by Coach Can Akkaya and Superbike-coach. Don’t let the name fool you…the classes taught uses techniques Coach Can learned during his racing career and very much apply to ALL levels of riders, from beginner to commuter to weekend rider to touring rider to standard & hyper bikes to the track day/racer junkies…all riders, all bikes, all sizes of bikes…EVERYTHING/EVERYONE. Not only do you get to learn and improve you riding in the most FUN environment but ALL their students get discounts for various things. For more info, visit the Superbike-coach Corp website at But don’t wait too long…classes book-up really quick so DON’T HESITATE!

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  1. Tracy says:

    Great write up Dean!!! So glad to have these @superbike-coach classes back up and running again!

  2. This is an awesome article Dean. I think we did well and we even can improve that, as usual.

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