Superbike-coach Body Position Class…

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Superbike-coach Body Position Class…

Superbike-coach Corp
Superbike-coach Body Position
Coach Can Akkaya addressing his students

I’m sure many, if not everyone, has heard this before: “You’re looking good, however, you need to work on your body position more” or “How’s my body position look?” or even better “You’re body position sucks. If you fix it you’ll be a better rider”. “Body position” is getting thrown around quite a bit these days but really, what is it and will it really make you a better rider? In a nut shell, NO! In fact, “body position” is somewhat overrated but not to say it doesn’t have it’s place.

What really is THE CORRECT “body position” anyways? Much like technology, this changes quite frequently and quickly and the current “body position rage” seems to follow whoever is WINNING MotoGP races. In the early days, the “correct body position” was basically sitting straight up perpendicular.

Superbike-coach Body Position
Student using the “upright” body position

Then, in the 70s, thanks to Kenny Roberts, “knee dragging” became THE CORRECT body position. This took on many forms, all based on…get this…”rider preference”. The term “crossed up” started floating around, which in my opinion, came from motocross, and started being used to describe body position that wasn’t exactly “correct”. Really? If so, then I guess riders like Kevin Schwantz and Mick Doohan had it all wrong since their style could be, and was at times, classified as being “crossed up”.

Now, in our present day, it seems the “correct” body position is laying down on your tank. Seeing a trend here? Don’t get me wrong, there is a basic body position to use when riding that applies to ALL motorcycles and it depends on what the “end result” is. That’s where Coach Can Akkaya and Superbike-coach comes in and teaches at his Body Position Classes. He shows you the main parts, debunks the “hypes”, and lets you go from there to find your “signature” position. He understands that there is no true body position and what works for one rider might not work with another rider.

Coach Can, not only shows and explains the concept of body positioning but how it’s applied entering turns and even how to use it exiting turns. There were many students at today’s class that went through his cornering schools and several that didn’t. Much of what Coach teaches at his cornering classes goes right into his body position class, and it showed. Is it necessary to go through his cornering classes first? No, but it’s highly recommended of course. All of the Superbike-coach classes, albeit the Wheelie Class, ties all Coach’s lessons together. Want to take the Knee Down class to learn how to drag your knee? Why not take the Body Position Class first? Just like the Body Position & Cornering Classes, you don’t need to take one before the other but it really does help taking the cornering school before the body position. The Body Position won’t correct your riding if you have riding fundamentals are all wrong but the cornering classes will not only fix your riding fundamentals but also help with your body position.

Want to know for yourself? Easy and simple…go to their website, and sign up. Most important, bring your “A game”. Coach can be tough and direct, but it’s all due to his PASSION. He wants you to learn and improve. He wants you to have a great time and come away a better, safer rider. He’ll challenge your thinking and even what you might have been taught or read in books/YouTube videos. Be open to change and change will come. You’ll have a BLAST if you do! To get a glimpse into what you get at a Superbike-coach Body Position Class, click here and see for yourself…


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