Superbike-coach Cornering School Day 3

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Superbike-coach Cornering School Day 3

Superbike-coach Corp
Coach Can Akkaya addressing his students during class

This past Sunday, August 2nd, was day 3 of Superbike-coach’s 3-day cornering class and what an AWESOME day it was. Day 3 combines everything learned in Days 1 & 2 then advances those techniques with trail braking and what Coach Can calls “Uber breaking”. Like the previous classes, class starts off with a lecture and conversations between Coach and students to see what they remember, what they’ve been doing, and to make sure they’ve been practicing what they were taught back in Days 1 & 2. Of course, like all types of classes, there are those that just can’t get there on time so they get the FUN of warming up with…you guessed it…PUSH UPS.

Next, the students hit the track to warm up and get back into the grove, relearning the track and process so they’ll be ready for the rest of the day. However, before this all happened, Coach Can had a SPECIAL announcement…a mention about a book titled “House of Lonely Men”, written by Superbike-coach’s own Assistant Coach Mark Stewart, with proceeds from the sale of his book going to the National Veterans Foundation, found on Amazon…click here

Coach Can talking about the book “House of Lonely Men”, written by Assistant Coach Mark

Students then took to the track for their warm up and getting themselves familiarized with the track layout again. This also gives Coach the chance to watch and see just how much each student remembers and, if needed, he can easily pull them aside and have a brief chat.

Superbike-coach students warming up
Superbike-coach cornering classes aren’t just for sportbikes
Couple of Superbike-coach students exiting turn 11 of Stockton’s Little 99 Go-kart track

Prior to lunch, Coach runs his students through a “trail braking drill” at two parts of the track, both sections adding their own little “feature” to help learn this technique. To demonstrate, Coach does a few demo runs then his turns his students loose to tray themselves as he watches on.

Coach Can on a demo run regarding trail braking

The last part of the Day 3 Cornering Class goes into what Coach calls “Uber Braking”, which takes the emergency braking drill from Day 1 into new territory. This technique shows students that you CAN stop, if/when needed, in a turn…something that every motorcycle rider has to deal with at one time or another. As Coach likes to say, “you need to be able to use your front brake at ALL TIMES!”

All in all, the day was a pretty good day, but wasn’t without it’s mishaps. One thing to keep in mind is, when you’re taking a motorcycle rider class, just due to the simple nature of riding a motorcycle, there is a degree of “danger” that just comes with it. When you loose focus, unintended things tend to happen, which drives Coach’s teachings even deeper. This is true with ANY motorcycle rider training program that’s out there and that’s actually what makes using the track Superbike-coach uses perfect because the speeds are generally slower to help minimize any mishaps that might happen. Motorcycle riding is hazardous sport or hobby in its own form and Superbike-coach’s intent and goal is to give ALL their students the tools and knowledge needed to help make them better & safer riders. To help with this, ALL Day 3 graduates are allowed to return to any of the rider training classes (cornering school days 1 – 3) for 50% off. Not only does it make sense to take ALL 3 cornering classes and not just Day 1 (why go to a movie and only see the first 1/3 of it, right?) but this give you more incentive to continue with Superbike-coach and keep getting better.

Want to take your riding to an even better level? Check out the Track Academy Class (originally called “Cornering School Day 4”). This class is geared more for the track day rider/racer but the skills you learn here takes everything from Days 1-3 a step further. For more info and what Superbike-coach can do for you, visit their website at For more pictures from this past Superbike-coach Cornering School Day 3, click here. So what are you waiting for. If you ride motorcycles, whether a newbie or experienced rider, who wouldn’t/couldn’t use some improvement in their riding skills. Check out Superbike-coach and get on the right path…


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