Superbike-coach Cornering School Day 1…Motorcycle Rider Training Class (9-6-20)

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Superbike-coach Cornering School Day 1…Motorcycle Rider Training Class (9-6-20)

Superbike-coach Corp
Superbike-coach Cornering School Day 1 Motorcycle Rider Training Class (9-6-20)
Superbike-coach Ninja 250 rental bike

This past Sunday, Superbike-coach held another of their “Cornering School Day 1″ motorcycle rider training classes at the Little 99 Go Kart track in Stockton, Ca. Sure, this is a small “race track” but this makes it the perfect place to teach riders how to be better/safer. Why is that? Simple…it’s small enough that Coach Can Akkaya can see everything going on, can pull anyone over at any point and give on-track instruction, and these corners are the same types every rider finds on their own public roads. Temps got as high as 111 degrees but just about every student soldiered on, with EVERYONE having a awesome time.

Students and their rides…

These classes are so popular that each class usually has at least one or two returning students, some even coming back for several classes. Michael & Adele (first pic above) have been part of the Superbike-coach family for several years now, while Wayne (second pic above) is a new student, taking a Superbike-coach “Road Skill 1-on-1 Course” back in May 2020 and has continued taking classes (two Day 1 classes & a Day 2 class this year). This particular class also had more women riders then usual attending, which shows the diversity these classes attract.

Superbike-coach Cornering School Day 1 Motorcycle Rider Training Class (9-6-20)
A Zero e-bike rider taking a motorcycle rider class with Superbike-coach

As mentioned on their website, all classes taught at Superbike-coach work for all types of motorcycles. Not only sport bike riders get something out of these classes but also naked/standard bikes (old & new), supermotard style bikes, cruisers, sport touring bikes, BIG touring bikes, small “pocket bikes (i.e. Honda Grom & Kawasaki z125), and (yes) e-bikes like the ones from Zero (see pic above). If it has two wheels then these classes will work for you!

And away we go…

Like with all classes, the day starts off in the classroom. For the Day 1 classes, it starts off with an introduction where Coach Can introduces himself and his team. From there, he talks about himself and his racing career, placing students into 3 groups, then goes into basic rules and what each student can expect. Coach then releases each group to get used to the track and to see where each student is at. After each track session, a specific topic is talked about and even going over each corner, using a chalk board to show how each corner should be taken to give riders the best, safest direction through it. There is also a track session where Coach Can will go out with each group and physically show them.

Each Superbike-coach class has it’s own “special feature”. For Day 1 this would be “emergency braking”. Even though the class name says “Cornering School”, braking is very much an important part of being a better, safer rider, and Coach Can addresses this with his “e-braking drill”. There has been a lot of debate lately on this subject, and different views, but many riders, especially new riders, are “afraid’ of their front brakes so they just stick to the rear.

Coach shows his students that this is a BIG mistake and the front brake is “your main weapon” in stopping. Doing a “stoppie” or “brakie” certainly isn’t what he’s trying to teach, and not every student does this, but it shows just how much power the front brake has for stopping. For those who do “get their rear wheel up”, it shows this is very manageable and controllable if this should happen.

Take a look further…

To get a further look at this class, click here and take a look the the FEATURE PICS from this past class. After that, why not take their classes yourself. Riding a motorcycle is an “art” and there is always room for improvement. No matter how many years you’ve ridden or what your riding level is, as long as you keep an open mind and bring an eagerness/willingness to learn and try something different, you will get something out of these classes.

Maybe you take a passenger from time to time or on a regular bases or both you and your significant other are considering taking a ride together for the first time? Then you really need to take a look at Superbike-coach because they have a brand new class JUST FOR THIS! It’s called the “Rider-Passenger Class“. Riding a motorcycle can be difficult on it’s own but adding a second person changes EVERYTHING and Coach Can is there FOR YOU! Interested? Click here for more info and to sign up. This class is held only once per year so get in while you can…First class is on 9/27/20…so DON’T HESITATE…!!!

Hope to see you there…


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