Superbike-coach Cornering School Day 2 Rider Training Class (11-22-20)

Dean Lonskey, Authorized Amsoil Dealer

Superbike-coach Cornering School Day 2 Rider Training Class (11-22-20)

Superbike-coach Corp

This past Sunday was the last Superbike-coach Cornering School Day 2 Rider Training Class for 2020, taught by Coach Can Akkaya of Superbike-coach. Day 2, as you can guess, is a continuation of their Cornering School Days program, each offering something different but also continuing the lessons learned from the first Day 1 course. For their Day 2 course, the “special feature” is “counter steering”. It’s amazing just how many students/riders either don’t know what this is or have heard of it but didn’t know what it is. Also, it’s amazing just how “confusing” this concept really is when they are asked about it.

To be brief, “counter steering” is exactly what the name implies…you turn left to go right and right to go left”, but like I just mentioned, you’d be surprised just how many people thought they understood this concept…the looks and reactions of students every time is priceless.

Coach has a few drills to help teach his students the proper way to do this, from going around the track with one hand to laying down “road racer” style, to help teach them. Oh, and there’s one more added part to this…”Uber steering”. This takes counter steering to “another level” and Coach Can says. If the first counter steering drills didn’t open up his students eyes. this CERTAINLY does.

Drills and classroom sessions aren’t the only parts of the class. Students also get track time to continue the lessons learned from Day 1 but also to apply the techniques learned during the drills, as well as actual on-track time with Coach. This gives Coach the chance to maybe lead students who didn’t get the chance back in Day 1.

Coach Can’s coaching style might be harsh at times, but it’s only because it comes from the love and passion he has for riding motorcycles and helping his students excel and succeed. Riding motorcycles is a GREAT feeling but it comes with “great responsibility” and can also be harsh in it’s own right. I, for one, would rather have an instructor is speaks the truth and doesn’t pull any punches to give me a better chance to learn then someone who only tells me “what I want to hear” and caudles me/pats me on the back just to make sure my feelings aren’t hurt. As they say, “truth hurts”.

To see more of what goes on during a Cornering School Day 2 rider training class, click here: CSD-2 Gallery (11-22-20). If you’ve NEVER taken a riders class because of cost or because you think you’ve learned all there is, or if you have taken classes from other organizations, I’d suggest checking out Superbike-coach. Coach Can brings his many years of racing the European circuits and the tools he used to WIN to help improve riders and make them even safer. Trust me, you’re never to old to learn or to even unlearn bad habits you’ve gotten yourself into. For mow info, visit their website (, sign up for their classes, and start your journey…


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