December 2020 Promo (12/1/20 – 12/25/20)

Dean Lonskey, Authorized Amsoil Dealer

December 2020 Promo (12/1/20 – 12/25/20)

Raven Synthetics Logo with Amsoil logo

Get 10%-15% off the retail cost of your order, excluding tax, with a minimun $100 retail order…this includes FREE SHIPPING!

Hi all! Holiday season is here, and with COVID-19 still with us, this season is crazier then ever. Money is tight but you also need to look after your toys, which I’m hoping I can help. Those that know me (Dean the Superbike-coach Photog) know, at least I HOPE you do, I offer 10%-15% off retail orders but it’s a bit tricky. Well, from 12/1/20 – 12/25/20 I just found out I can make this a little easier.

Yes, there is a few steps you’ll still have to do but I think this limited offer process will help AND I can still have it shipped directly to you! Cool, right? I sure hope so. Below is how this will work:

1. Visit my website,, and get all your item numbers for the products you need, much like you’d need to do if placing your order directly though my website. If you’d like, you can also send me an email with your year/make/model and what you’ll looking for and I can help you too. *** IMPORTANT…Remember, your items MUST total a minimum of $100 retail for this promotion to apply ***

2. Send me an email to with your item number(s), product name(s) so I can verify, quantity you want, and your shipping info with phone number. You also need to include one of these two promo codes: “RS-2020” for 10% discount or “Coach36” for your Superbike-coach 15% student discount. Keep in mind, when using your Superbike-coach discount code I will need to verify your name with Coach Can (unless of course I recognize you myself…ha ha ha)

3. I’ll then look up the info and send you an invoice through either PayPal or Venmo with your total cost with your discount given. If needed, I can also send you an email with your cost then we can handle the transaction via phone (I do have app for a card reader that will allow me to enter your credit card info and charge you that way if you so choose).

4. Once I’ve received your payment and I’ve processed your order with AMSOIL, please allow 3-5 business days for delivery. Because of the holiday, the longest it should take is 7 business days, however, most orders arrive with-in the 3-5 business days, unless there is some sort of issue with your order (honestly, I haven’t seen this happen yet…AMSOIL is really good about their customer’s orders).

I’ll do everything I can to make this process as quick, easy, and painless as possible but also keep in mind I’ve got a regular “9 to 5” job myself but I’ll get you taken care of. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible…

If you want to just place your order through my website directly, that’s perfectly fine as well. Once you’ve placed your order, just email me your order number so I can verify, with either of the discount codes mentioned above and I’ll send your your discounted amount through PayPal, Venmo, check, or cash if we are close enough to meet or you’ll be at a Superbike-coach class.

AMSOIL’s products are AWESOME and I’m sure you’ll LOVE it. I sure do…it’s in ALL my vehicles!


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