Raven Synthetics, AMSOIL, Superbike-coach: Together Again for 2021…!!!

Dean Lonskey, Authorized Amsoil Dealer

Raven Synthetics, AMSOIL, Superbike-coach: Together Again for 2021…!!!

Dean here with Raven Synthetics, and I’d like to announce that Raven Synthetics, AMSOIL, and Superbike-coach Are Together Again for 2021. I became an AMSOIL Independent Dealer back in September 2018 and started my Raven Synthetics website to do just this…sell AMSOIL products. I’ve also been a part of the Superbike-coach family back in Oct 2014 when I took their Wheelie Class. Later that year, I was approached by Coach Can Akkaya to be his photographer and haven’t looked back since.

Why AMSOIL & Superbike-coach?

Superbike-coach Corp offers FIRST CLASS motorcycle rider training and AMSOIL offers FIRST CLASS products. When I started Raven Synthetics to sell AMSOIL products, it was my hope and goal to bring these two together. This finally happened in 2020 so I’m thrilled to be able to continue this partnership for 2021.

Superbike-coach Corp brings motorcycle rider training for all skill levels (newbie to experienced), from street riders to track day riders/racers, from those little Groms to your BIG touring bikes & cruisers. If it has 2 wheels then THIS IS the guy you should come talk to and get signed up for his classes.

Am I being bias? HELL YA I am, and it’s for good reason. I BELIEVE in what Coach Can does! I’ve been a motorcycle rider for 50 years and grew up riding dirt bikes out in the desert, as well as some mx racing over the years. Out of those 50 years, the last 36 years I’ve also been riding street bikes.

Coach Can brings experience & a caring attitude…!!!

Being part of Coach’s team, no FAMILY, not only have I become an even better, more confident rider, but I’ve seen what he’s done for his students. I’ve seen experienced riders look “puzzled” when their way of riding is challenged only to find out that what they’ve been doing has actually held them back.

I’ve watched a student have a hell of a time getting through corners without either going off track into the grass or crashing to having no problem completing corners without ANY issues, all because of Coach Can. Even a newbie, who only had maybe 7 hours total under her “riding belt”, started doing STOPPIES during Coach’s e-brake drill!

What makes Superbike-coach so special and different from a lot of other motorcycle rider classes? Well, I’d say his EXPERIENCE & his feelings towards his students. He really cares and only wants them to succeed. He uses the things he learned during his racing days in Europe, even becoming German Track Trophey Vice-Champion in 1991, and brings them to his students.

He’s even held a MotoGP wild card ticket before deciding to call it a career (click here for more info about Coach Can Akkaya). What many people don’t realize is what racers do and learn on the race track translates directly to the street. Of course NOT at the same speeds, and certainly NOT “dragging your knee” but it’s the techniques they use to get around a race track that helps.

Other ways Superbike-coach helps…

Superbike-coach isn’t just helping street riders/track rider-racers become better and safer with their Cornering School Day Classes, but they also offer other “specialty” classes: Knee Down Classes, Wheelie Classes, Rider/Passenger Classes, Body Position Classes, 1-on-1 Street Classes, Race Academy Class, Suspension Class, and other personal classes. As you can see, Coach Can has a lot to offer, even for those wanting to learn the art of dragging your knee AND doing wheelies (both, of course, aren’t sanctioned by Superbike-coach to perform these on local streets).

Superbike-coach is family…

I mentioned Superbike-coach being a “family”, and that’s really the feeling brought here. With this being a family, you not only need that “father figure” Coach Can brings but the “mother figure” and that belongs to his wife, Marion. From the registration process to making sure there is water and snacks for EVERYONE, even popsicles for those HOT days and coffee for the COLD days, Marion is there to help make sure the students have a GREAT time and feel like family.

So, what are you waiting for…???

I can go on and on about Superbike-coach, so I’ll just add this…GET OFF your couch, STOP watching those YouTube videos, and put your trust in Can Akkaya of Superbike-coach. The only thing Coach requires is you bring your eagerness to learn, ability to have an open mind & listen to instructions/do your best to do it, and leave your ego at the gate. If you can do all of this, I can guarantee you’ll have an AWESOME time and come away a better, safer rider.

Here’s to hoping 2021 is better then 2020 for everyone. Stay safe, have a wonderful holiday. For info regarding Superbike-coach, visit their website: www.superbike-coach.com


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