SPEND $49, get FREE SHIPPING…!!! (through December 31, 2020)

Dean Lonskey, Authorized Amsoil Dealer

SPEND $49, get FREE SHIPPING…!!! (through December 31, 2020)

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For AMSOIL Preferred Customers & Catalog Customers: SHOP1220

Here’s another AWESOME chance to get in on some AMSOIL products this holiday season. Want to save even more? Easy…orders placed through my website, www.ravensynthetics.com, can still earn an additional 10%-15% (only available to Catalog Customers…PC customers already save more for having their own account) off your retail. Here is how you can earn these discounts:

* Spend $49, get FREE SHIPPING offer:

To get this offer, visit my website at www.ravensynthetics.com then use Promo Code SHOP1220 at checkout. For PCs (Preferred Customers), use this same promo code on your account when you place your orders. If you aren’t a PC yet, you can sign up through my website then place your order and use your code (you might be able to do all of this at the same time?). Offer is good until 11:59pm Central Time on 12/31/20 and excludes tax charge by AMSOIL.

* Get additional 10%-15% off retail purchase (Catalog Customers only):

To get an additional 10%-15% off, FIRST you need to place your order through my website, www.ravensynthetics.com, and pay the full retail price. You still can get your FREE shipping @ $49 using the Promo Code SHOP1220 at checkout but then you need to email me your order number (ravensynthetics@gmail.com) to get 10% off your retail. The 15% off discount is for any PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE Superbike-coach Students and need to include code COACH36 in your email (I will need to verify your name with Coach Can Akkaya). This basic 10%-15% discount doesn’t expire and will be sent out separate (cannot be applied at checkout) through PayPal, Venmo, or mailed check like usual, however, to get your FREE shipping @ $49, you need to have your order placed through my website no later then 11:59pm Central Time on 12/31/20…excludes tax charged by AMSOIL.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. AMSOIL sells nothing but TOP NOTCH products and is the only oil I use in my vehicles…PERIOD!


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