Superbike-coach Cornering School Day 3 (12-6-20): Motorcycle rider training for all levels, all bikes…

Dean Lonskey, Authorized Amsoil Dealer

Superbike-coach Cornering School Day 3 (12-6-20): Motorcycle rider training for all levels, all bikes…

Superbike-coach Corp

Today was the last Superbike-coach Cornering School Day 3 Motorcycle Rider Training Class taught by Coach Can Akkaya for 2020. This also marked the last on track class for 2020 thanks to COVID-19 and the statewide shutdown mandated by Gov. Gavin Newsome. The morning was pretty cool, with temps in the high 40s to low 50s and warming up into the 60s but students STILL showed up with SMILES and had a BLAST (gee, how can they NOT with Coach Can and the whole Superbike-coach team…ha ha)

Good morning Sunshine…

As like in previous classes, things get started around 8am with students checking in with Coach Can’s wife Marion then with Dean, the “Photog” for their lunch order. By 9am, students are addressed by Dean with the basic “class rules” then a brief talk about the whole “social distancing” routine and wearing masks. From there, It’s the “COACH CAN SUPERBIKE-BIKE SHOW”.

Coach starts off by seeing if his students have been practicing their lessons learned from both the Day 1 & 2 classes then get into a “question & answer” session. Before getting sending his students off to “warm up” on the track and see for himself how each has progressed, Group assignments are handed out and a little “warm up” session begins for a few students who have “forgotten” Coach LOVES push ups…ha ha. Now that we’re ready…let’s get this party started…

Special Session #1…”Trail Braking”

As it is with ALL the Superbike-coach Cornering Classes, each one has a “special session/feature” to it, with Day 3 being a little more special…this one has TWO! First off is “Trail Braking”…

So, what is “trail braking” you ask? Well “Sunshine”, simply put it’s braking while entering a turn. I can see it now…”you really want to brake while turning? I thought you were supposed to have all this done before entering a turn?” Well, generally…yes. However, there are times it is needed…sometimes purposely and sometimes not. During this drill, Coach Can teaches students the use and need. This starts off in the classroom, where Coach Can talks about it, the need & reasons for doing this, then takes off on a few demo runs to show them it’s not “evil”.

Coach then turns his students loose for them to try themselves. This happens at two sections of the track because this track has two EXCELLANT places to showcase this, each being a different style turn that you’d find on your public roads and/or the race track. During these sessions, Coach will stop each group and add more instructions & encouragement, as well as “on track” instructions while the student is riding/entering the corner.

Special Session #2…”Uber Braking”

Here’s a term/phrase I bet you’ve never heard of…”uber braking”. It’s a term/phrase coined by Coach Can Akkaya to explain “emergency braking while in a turn”. Much like trail braking, this too has a purpose/need, usually because of something unexpected happening while you’re in a turn but can also be a helpful tool in the transition from one turn to another or to avoid something/someone instead of stopping. For Day 3, it’s used to show how you can stop while your in a corner.

Pop quiz, hotshot…You’re on your favorite backroad, enjoying the day, carving up those corners (not doing those late apexes of course…wink wink…ha ha), and really getting into “your zone”. As you enter one of those corners, there is a car STOPPED! What do you do? Well, this depends on what’s happening, so lets go with a “worst case scenario”…BIG TURKEY to the left of you, drop off to the right of you, and the car parked SMACK in the middle of the road…now, WHAT do you do?

Well Pumpkin, as I see if you have two choices: panic and just run into the back of the car or STOP! Oh I can hear it now…”I’m in a corner. If I use my brakes I’m surely going to crash”. Relax Sunshine. You will certainly crash if you don’t do anything, and it will probably be in a fireball so why not just DO IT! (per Yoda…”do or not do, there is no try”). The key here is to stay calm, and if you do, you’ll have a really good chance at surviving.

This is where Coach Can’s “Uber Braking” comes in. He shows his student with a few demo runs but is of course discussed in the classroom first so they know what is going on. Much like the e-brake drill in Day 1, there will be students doing stoppies but that isn’t the goal. Sure, this drill helps students find that limit and learn to control what happens, which could be a stoppie, but that doesn’t always happen. Lesson here is to just come to a safe stop.

Fun times with Superbike-coach

In between these drills, students also use the whole track to practice the lessons learned this day and to reinforce the lessons learned from the previous classes. You could certainly see the difference, especially in one student in particular. During the Day 1 class, he had one hell of a time making some of the corners, having several near misses and one crash. With Coach’s help, he got through Day 1. When he showed up in the previous Day 2 class AND this Day 3 class, it was a completely different rider…more confident, smoother, and safer. Sure, there is still LOTS of improvement to be made but he’s on the right path now….all thanks to Coach Can!

2020 has certainly been a tough year but these students stayed the course and continued to put their trust in Coach Can & Superbike-coach…and it paid off! Raven Synthetics would like to congratulate these students for completing all 3 Days of the Superbike-coach Cornering Classes but please don’t think your journey has ended. In reality, it’s only getting started…seriously!

Sure, passing this class now makes you eligible for the Superbike-coach Track Academy Class, aka Cornering School Day 4, but you now are a complete part of the Superbike-coach family (not that you never were from the beginning) and you’ve earned the privilege of taking any of the CSD classes, in any order you want, at 50% OFF and maybe even a discount with your insurance company (should it to your insurance provider, doesn’t hurt). This makes it an even easier & better choice to stick with Superbike-coach and to keep coming back. Improving your riding isn’t something that ends but is a continued lesson…I should know…I’m still learning after 50 years of dirt riding/racing & street riding.

To see more of the fun we all had, click here: FEATURE PICS. For those interested in joining in on the fun, you can visit their website here: Superbike-Coach Corp. Let’s hope 2021 is a BETTER year. At least for these students, and others from previous classes this year, we know they will be…Thanks to Coach Can and Superbike-coach!

Superbike-coach Cornering School Day 3
Superbike-coach Corp


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  1. coach says:

    This is an article from the heart. Congrats Dean. It mirrors what we do very well.

  2. Ryan says:

    What a great series of classes. They are certainly fun, but more important they teach life saving fundamentals of bike control that are glossed over by basic training classes offered by the states for initial licensing

    They of course help out track riders too.

    Thanks for being a great group of people putting out some great classes. I really hope to continue taking classes this year and seeing you guys out on the bigger tracks too. This dang COVID…

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