Superbike-coach Cornering School Day 1 (1-17-21)

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Superbike-coach Cornering School Day 1 (1-17-21)

Superbike-coach Corp
Superbike-coach Cornering School Day 1
Coach Can Akkaya, of, leading a students around the track

This past Sunday marked the first Superbike-coach class for 2021 and boy was it ever so needed. Not just for the students who signed and showed up for this class, but for the whole Superbike-coach team. The last time Coach Can and his team/students met was back on December 6 for the Day 3 part of Superbike-coach’s Cornering School Motorcycle Rider Training Program. The LAST class for 2020 was supposed to be their Track Academy…aka..Day 4 on 12/13/20 but due to a new lock down issued by Gov. Newsome and a rainy day, this class had to be postponed. So, as you can see, it was very much needed and everyone was rewarded with an AWESOME day….sunshine and temps in the high 60s/low 70s for most of the day!

So, what exactly is a “cornering school” and is this just for sportbikes? After all, the name “Superbike-coach” implies this is just for those race bikes, right? WRONG Sunshine! the Cornering School Program developed by Coach Can is for EVERYONE. Coach Can takes what he learned from his professional racing career in Europe and brings these techniques to the street rider. Sure racers can and will benefit from this 3-day motorcycle rider training program but its also for the regular “Joe” street rider. Believe it or not, what is learned, developed, and used in racing actually can be applied to street riding to make the ride better and safer.

The day gets started at 8am when registration opens. Students check in with Coach’s wife, Marion, getting paperwork signed and temps taken of all the students, as well as the Superbike-coach Team. From there, they go see me, the Superbike-coach photog, to get in their lunch order, then it’s time to unload their bikes, if they didn’t ride in, and just relax until class gets started at 9am. To start off, Coach introduces himself for those FIRST TIME students and goes into what makes him qualified to teach, some of his experiences that got him to start his riding program here in the States, and what the students can expect for the day. Not only are there classroom sessions but also on-track teaching, demo runs, and Coach on track with his students to help show them what he’s talking about and to get an even closer look at their riding.


Yes, after all, this is a school so there are classroom sessions during the day. Each session is different from the others and lead into each other. This is the time to take notes while Coach is talking and to also ask questions, however, questions are always kept on subject so not to confuse and distract from the current lesson being taught. This is also “fun time” because, if you’ve ever been to a Superbike-coach class and listened to Coach Can, you’ll see he isn’t always “business”. He understands humor needs to be inserted, from time to time, to make class fun and to keep his students engaged…even if it’s at the student’s, his team, or even his expense…no one is safe…ha ha ha

Track Time…

In between the classroom sessions, students have track time to take what Coach Can is teaching and apply it themselves. Like the classroom sessions, each on track session is different. It starts off with no lessons at all so Coach can see how each student rides and what he has to work with. From there, each track session builds as each student applies the lessons and gets more comfortable.

Braking drill…

Riding a motorcycle isn’t just about how to take corners better and safer, you also have to know how to STOP! Each of the Superbike-coach Cornering School Day classes have a “special feature” to them, and for Day 1 it’s “emergency braking”. In this drill, Coach goes into the fundamentals about it, what happens, and how to do it correctly. At some point, every rider is going to have to deal with that emergency they cannot just maneuver around. It could be that ball, or worse, a child jumping out from in between cars or that dreaded, evil Prius coming to a stop in front of you or pulling out right into your path. This drill teaches and shows just how far you can break. Sure, there are some students/bikes that will get that “stoppy” but most don’t, however, when that stoppy does happen they learn it actually isn’t evil.

There’s a lot that goes on during a Superbike-coach class and I simply can’t do it justice in such a short blog. My hope is that I can give you an insight into what you get and the benefit from taking a Superbike-coach class. These classes aren’t just for the beginner rider but for ALL levels, and for ALL types of motorcycles. If you don’t think so then you’re not getting the most out of your riding and you’re really missing out of just how FUN this can be.

For more proof on how well Superbike-coach helps riders, check out these testimonials from past students. If this doesn’t convince you then try this YouTube video testimonial from a student who took a Day 1 class last year. Many of these FIRST TIME students come back time and time again so this should speak volumes about Coach Can and his Superbike-coach programs. To see more of what you can expect, click here for their FEATURE PICS.

For more info about their cornering schools and other motorcycle rider training classes, visit their website at Once last thing…everyone who signs up with Superbike-coach can get special offers from their sponsors (click here to see just who sponsors and supports Superbike-coach).

So what are you waiting for? Get signed up yourself and let Superbike-coach help you become a better, safer rider…you won’t regret it!


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