Superbike-coach Cornering School Day 3 (2-14-21)

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Superbike-coach Cornering School Day 3 (2-14-21)

Superbike-coach Corp
Superbike-coach Cornering School Day 3
Coach Can Akkaya and his students having a BLAST!

The Superbike-coach Cornering School Day 3 (CSD-3) is the 3rd day of a 3-day motorcycle rider training program designed and taught by Coach Can Akkaya. This class, however, was a little different and special then other CSD-3 classes. This class was held on Valentine’s Day and Coach Can decided to renew his wedding proposal to his wife, Marion. What made this event more special was the students ALL took part in helping Coach Can celebrate and pull this off (click here to view a video…THANK YOU Li & Ryan)

CSD-3 Underway…

As mentioned, Day 3 is the 3rd of a 3-day motorcycle rider training class (there’s actually a Day 4, aka TRACK ACADEMY, that is designed more for those who do track days and/or race, and takes the lessons learned from Days 1-3 and “ups the ante”). Day 3 applies the lessons learned from Days 1 & 2 then adds a couple “special sessions”: trail baking & “uber” braking. So, let’s get started, shall we???

How have they progresses?

The day starts out with Coach talking to his students and seeing how they’re doing. During this classroom session, Coach drills his students and they also have the chance to ask questions and comment on what they’ve been doing to practice and how things have progressed. Once done, they are broken into groups and sent out to familiarize themselves with the track again and gives Coach Can the chance to see for himself how far they’ve come. Once this session is over, Coach goes into this classes “special features”: trail braking & uber braking.

Special Feature #1 – “Trail Braking”

“Trail braking”, what is it? Simply put, trail braking is braking while entering a turn. This is used to either adjust entry speed or can be used to help avoid something on the road or track. Session starts off, of course, in the classroom discussing how this is done and the purpose. Then, class is dismissed and Coach does a few demo runs to show and emphasize what he’s teaching. The students are then sent back into their groups to apply this technique. This is done on two parts of the track: Turn 1 & Turn 6 (these turns offer a different perspective on how trail braking works due to their different characteristics). Later in the day, this switches over to using the rear brake and throttle to help hold the line while in a turn.

Special Feature #2 – “Uber Braking”

Oh, I can see the faces now…what the HELL am I referring to here? Well Pumpkin (you’ve got to love Coach’s nicknames…ha ha ha), simply put, it’s using the front brake to come to a stop while in a corner. “Emergency braking” isn’t just for straight up situations, no…this can also happen while in a turn. Much like the e-braking drill from Day 1, this drill shows students that you CAN come to a quick, emergency stop, while in a corner. Stoppies will happen, for those who really are trying to take it to the extreme, but the purpose of this drill is to show that not only is the front brake there to stop you but it’s also a tool to use to help stand up the bike quicker when that need arrives. Not only can this prove useful on the street but, for those racers/track day junkies, it’s also useful for them.

As for the day, it was a little gloomy and during the Uber Braking drill, it actually started sprinkling a little. But it didn’t last long and we were able to get in a complete day of FUN! At the end of the day, everyone had a BLAST and still had HUGE smiles from ear-to-ear. Each and every student came away with something and improved greatly. Some will come back and some probably won’t but the hope is they continue to practice what Coach Can has taught them all.

Not only did all these students become better/safer riders, but they also now have a chance to take their Certificate of Completion to their insurance and hopefully get a discount on their coverage. Oh, let’s not forgot one last thing all these students come away with…a 50% discount toward any future Cornering School Days program (Days 1, 2, or 3)…how COOL is THAT! You want to see what this is all about? Or maybe you too want to become a better rider? Maybe you’re new to riding? Then visit the Superbike-coach Corp website at and get signed up. To see more of what went on and the FUN that was had, click here for this class’s FEATURE PICS.

Raven Synthetics would like to CONGRATULATE all of the Superbike-coach students for sticking with Coach Can and completing their 3-Day class but also to Coach Can & Marion…she did say YES btw…ha ha ha

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  1. Coach says:

    This is a great article Dean. Thank YOU for pulling the proposal off with me!!!
    Also thanks to Raven Synthetics to support what Superbike-Coach does. Love you and what you do!

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