Dean Lonskey, Authorized Amsoil Dealer

Superbike-coach is BACK baby…!!!

Well, it’s been a few months since the last Superbike-coach Cornering School way back on February 23, 2020. As you all know, EVERYONE (businesses and people) were affected by the COVDI-19 virus & Stay-at-Home orders and Superbike-coach wasn’t immuned to this by any means. Their whole schedule had to be revamped with each class moving…
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Raven Synthetics/Amsoil/Superbike-coach backed 2007 KTM450 SMR

Bruce-tard FINALLY get’s his look upgraded…!!!

Well, Bruce FINALLY got his much needed upgraded graphics. The number plates, which were the first stage of his “update” a couple years ago, are from DeCal Works and the radiator shrouds/tank, fenders, swing arm, & air box graphics are from Motocal. I would have gone with the body kits from DeCal Works but I…
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Raven Synthetics Logo with Amsoil logo

Welcome all!

This is Dean Lonskey of Raven Synthetics, and I’d like to welcome you all to our new Blog page. First off, unlike a lot of businesses, we are still up and running during this COVID-19 pandemic. Since this is an “on-line” store only, I don’t have all those issues so everyone is safe. Seocond, my…
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